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Introducing “Learning Therapy” to overseas countries

One of the examples is introducing “Learning Therapy” to overseas countries.

Learning Therapy is a new therapy program for people with dementia developed by Professor Ryuta Kawashima of Tohoku University, the Kumon Institute of Education, and Dokai Eijukai, a social welfare organization that manages care facilities for older adults.

More than 12,000 demented people improved their congnitive function

Learning Therapy is a non-drug therapy that improves the symptoms of dementia. It has been implemented at more than 1,200 nursing homes/retirement communities in Japan and it has tremendous effects already on 12,000 older adults with dementia.

This therapy has also been applied to a training program called “Training for Healthy Brain”. This training has contributed to improving the cognitive functions of more than 5,000 people who have taken the training at 400 different locations throughout Japan.

First implementaion is going on in the USA

Based on these performance records and scientific evidences, a senior care service provider in Cleveland, Ohio, the USA is in the process of inplemmenting Learning Therapy in its senior communities.

We have similar requests from European and Asian countries. It is estimated that there are two million people with dementia in Japan and 36.5 million people in the world as of 2010.

There is not yet a definite treatment to cure this disease in the world. Not only the patients but also their families are having a hard time living with this disease now. It would be very gratifying if this therapy from Japan can help the people with dementia and their families all around the world.

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