Learning best practices on population ageing in Japan

What we have done

Murata is the most pioneer of active ageing business in Japan

President Murata is the most pioneer of active ageing business in Japan and an internationally recognized thought leader in ageing societies.

Murata is an entrepreneur, business producer, gerontologist, and best-selling author of several books, including The Business of Aging: 10 Successful Strategies for a Diverse Market, and Seven Paradigm Shifts in Thinking about the Business of Aging, Retirement Moratorium: What Will the Not-Retired Boomers Change? They have been described as "must read books" by more than 30 leading publications including Nikkei, Nikkei Business, Yomiuri, and Japan Industry News. His new book "Must read book when your parents become 70" has just published on mid-February.

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We have worked with over 550 companies

Led by President Murata, we have worked with over 550 companies and contributed to develop various innovative products and services. Please see our clients list. Our team members are all experts of the business of aging in their own specialty such as marketing, medical and welfare services, housing, finance, IT, education and translation. Gathering all their abilities, we, as a group of professionals, will support your business plans & projects for the older adults market.

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