Difference from Others

We are a team of professionals
in product and project planning for the older adult market.

There are hundreds of others in this field: Think-tanks that prepare seemingly excellent reports, which turn out to be impracticable or infeasible. Research and marketing companies that give you plausible explanations about your customer demands based on their Internet questionnaires with little credibility. Consulting firms those only point out your problems without taking responsibility for the outcome of their business recommendations.

We are nothing like them. Why? Because we are involved with your business at our own risk, with the perspective of a business leader like yourself. We have always shown our commitment to our clients, and we have proposed business projects or concepts expressed in language that our client business managers could truly understand. In addition, we have always taken the lead and developed actionable plans for our clients to realize our proposed strategies and concepts.

If necessary, we have established a partnership with our clients based on trust, aiming for our mutual benefits. This policy applies for any client company both in and out of Japan.

Our strength is the ability to plan a concept and realize it by making appropriate actions. This has been proved by our past projects involving more than 750 companies in various fields in and outside of Japan. Some of our projects include the entry of the world largest fitness club for women into the Japanese market, the establishment of the first college-linked retirement community in Japan, the planning of a mobile phone for older adults, and the planning of long-term international holidays for older women.

You can count on us as if we were your in-house staff, working for the success of your business. We think about your business as seriously as you do, and we act as a group of professionals who can actually carry out our plans on your behalf.