Become a “Refuge Temple” at Customer’s Home
- The place for providing services will shift from the “shop” to “customers’ home”

“Husband for rent” is popular for older women living alone

“Husband for rent” is a new business that is popular in Moscow. In a city with a high divorce rate, many older women are living alone. The rented husbands do all kinds of manual labor such as furniture repair and so on for these single women.

In the U.S., a similar service is offered by “Mr. Handyman.” They do all kinds of odd jobs, mostly for older adults who are living by themselves. Their services include anything from carpentry to cleaning gutters.

Other enterprises offered similar services before Mr. Handyman. But most of them were small and fragmented businesses, and the quality of their services was often unpredictable. Mr. Handyman attempts to provide reliable, high quality services as professionals on a national basis.

Specifically, they standardized their service menu, defining the content and the quality of each type of job with a clear price. They also equip their vans with the necessary tools and materials. Their staff visits their customers one by one, gaining their customers’ trust through communication. With these efforts, they transformed this highly fragmented labor-intensive business into a new systematic service product that offers specific professional skills.

What seniors need then is not a “DIY shop” but the “DIY procurator service”

Although the idea of “Do It Yourself” is rooted in American culture, many people give up such work as they get older. What they need then is not a “DIY shop” but the “DIY procurator service.”

Now that broadband Internet service is available in Japan at low cost, an increasing number of older adults are using computers. However, many of them are not well-trained and have little understanding of the technologies, while new computer viruses and other problems keep appearing.

As the demand for face-to-face computer support increases, a new personal computer trouble shooting service (Yokogawa Q&A is an example) is becoming popular among older adults..

“Refuge Temple” is the place in older Japan where people go when they need help

Once you have gained the trust of your customers in this kind of business, you can get the advantage of calling on them frequently. The goal is to establish a stable relationship with the customers. Whenever they have a problem, you should be the first person that they wish to consult.

It is a good sign when the customers start to tell you about other problems, including their problems that are not directly related to your business. This can increase your business opportunity

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