Launching your business in Japan

What we have done

Introducing Curves to the Japanese market

One of the most successful examples we have done is to introduce Curves, a fitness franchise chain for women to the Japanese market.

As of January 2011, Curves Japan has become the largest fitness franchise chain in Japan with 941 stores nationwide, serving more than 350,000 members. These records were achieved only for 5.5 years, which is very short period, since the first store was launched in Tokyo.

We have been involved with the development of the Curves business in Japan from the very beginning.

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Implementation of the first “college-linked” community in Japan

Another example is implementation of the first “college-linked” residential community for older adults in Japan

New types of residential communities based on the “intellectual tie” have been created in the USA. One notable example is the “college-linked residential community” for older adults. This type of residence is usually located on or near a university campus.The university is sometimes involved with the management of the residential community as well.

We brought the first “college-linked senior residential community” in Japan to fruition, which is Club Encourage Mikage in Mikage, Kobe city. Mr. Murata worked as one of the managing directors of the company to realize this epoch-making project, having concluded a collaboration agreement with Kansai University, one of the major private universities in Kansai District.

Producing College-Linked Program in Kashiwa City

There is a new project going on in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture called the “Kashiwa-No-Ha College-Linked Program at Chiba University”. This is a new project to link the residents of the city with the college there. The underlying concept is what I call the “knowledge-link”, an extended version of the “college-link”.

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What we can provide for you 

  1. Comprehensive analysis on competitiveness and available resources
  2. Creating value-added differentiation strategy
  3. Creating new concept for products and services
  4. Business planning
  5. Feasibility study
  6. Supporting your getting internal consensus
  7. Finding potential partners and supporting alliance building
  8. Providing continued critical business advice
  9. More tasks necessary